Sunday, November 27, 2011

T'boli Princess

My inspiration for this image is the T'boli, are one of the indigenous peoples of South Cotabato in Southern Mindanao, Philippines. This is my illustration of a young T'boli princess.

At first i started with the face in gray scale mode  then i used curves to colorize. And then later on i started to paint the body and the headdress.

Then, i added the clothes and details on the headdress.

Then i started working on the background, i used watercolor effects custom brushes.

Adding details on the clothes and the ornaments

And here is the Final Image

Done in Photoshop. Thanks for viewing!

Urduja: The Warrior Princess

Princess Urduja is a figure from Philippine legend, a warrior princess who is said to have ruled the kingdom of Tawalisi in the province of Pangasinan.

Though whether or not she actually existed is in contention among scholars, she is still considered a popular heroine and Philippine icon, especially in Pangasinan.This is my illustration of Urduja, i wanted to create a 
tribal character based on our culture and history.


Version 1

Version 2