Friday, October 29, 2010

Mountain Kingdom

Just a quick sketch, i hope you like it.
Done in photoshop cs5. Actual size 5000 x 2300 px @300dpi
Thanks for viewing!...

Le Jardin Enchanteur

As you were mesmerized by the beauty of Keilah, here is the other bewitching part of the said citadel, the enchanted garden with it's supernatural power to control natural forces and also the power of irresistible attraction.  Done in photoshop CS5.

Bhunal: The Slayer

The Serpent Slayer, Guardian from the land down under Keilah's Citadel.

Done in Photoshop CS5.

Sarracenia: It's About Time

My concept character is based on carnivorous pitcher plants. Done in photoshop CS5

The Story:

It was during an untimely war caused by the shrewdness of men who were greedy for position and power, a war of massive destruction amongst themselves. The nuclear reaction has brought earth to collapse leaving only those ingenuous organisms who were left unaffected by man's cruelty.

Years after, there then came a series of exploration from entities of the outside world,certain changes in the planet caused by the biological reaction and the biochemical effects used during the war were discovered, as well as new organisms that has the ability live on its own and can create life on its own. Brought about by their curiosity some immersed themselves in the culture of the planet even after the exploration. But they didn't last long... their death unexplainable.

3000 years thereafter. This blissful scenery from a certain part of Earth, which can be seen even from the atmosphere. An island secluded from the chaotic and derange life of Earth. This is KEILAH.

The time has come for the deities of Keilah to sprung and take charge of the new universe. Here is Sarracenia, the very first diety to immerge from their multi-faceted kingdom from the underworld.

This is the continuation of my previous artwork "KEILAH:A New Beginning".

Saturday, September 18, 2010

KEILAH: A new Beginning

Amidst the vastness of the planet, sprung a multi-faceted kingdom. The sky mirrors it's charm that reflects abundance and prosperity. A stronghold dominated by unique beings who considers themselves as deities.

The deities marked the citadel as a place of security and survival. It is secluded from the other entities, with forces arrayed against the outside world in form of a mist.

My personal project with upcoming series and story line still in progress. Inspired by the movie Avatar and also Mythology.

Here is the w.i.p