Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Speedpainting practice took me around 1 to 1.5 hrs... i used lots of custom brushes, done entirely in photoshop.


Shalosha, daughter of Lord Shaaladel of the Shining Land of Shahalesti, a warrior princess with diplomacy in her heart. Having once tied their loyalty with the Ragesians during the reign of Coaltongue, the elves with their mighty fleet are now ready to cast their lot on a new direction. Befriend Shalosha and earn a powerful ally, or cross her and make a vicious enemy.

Concept character for the game War of the Burning Sky - Online

About the game:

GSG Systems brings you War of the Burning Sky - Online, a free to play, role-playing game based on the epic fantasy campaign saga created by EN World. 
Free to play on

And also i'm so happy that my painting featured in gallery section Advanced Photoshop Magazine (April Issue #82).

The Towers of KEILAH

Keilah is a place where there are so many strange creatures, quiet and abundant.
As you were mesmerized by the beauty of Keilah, here is the other magnificent part of the said citadel, the enchanted towers with its supernatural power to control natural forces and also the power of irresistible attraction.

Done in photoshop.

Featured in Charlesworld Magazine for the month May (Cover art: Issue #56)