Thursday, March 22, 2018

Hi! It's been a long time since i haven't posted any update here in my blogs i'm so lazy
(i admitted) i'm so busy doing other things. Oh my!! my last blog is years ago and now is 2018!
I hope this year is totally different.
Anyhow,  i just want to share this. Recently i was contacted by Daniel Kontur he is a film director for Netflix films and documentaries. I was ask to contribute for his project Myths and Monsters documentary series!
I'm so honored to be part of this project and there's a lot of talented artist also joined. It's a big success and the feedback of the viewers are fantastic and i think there's more series  to be release soon i hope. But sadly this show is for English language territory only but also airs in France on TF1 Histoire and Viasat in Eastern Europe & Scandinavia.

Here's the trailer of the Myths and Monsters.

And here's the intro clips. click here

These are my works that are shown in the series.

It's a great success and i'm pleased for the awesome work a big thanks to Daniel Kontur and also to all the production crew specially to the animation team.

Thanks for viewing!