Friday, March 1, 2013

Mt. Alebur

I started to create this a speed painting process i played around with the brushes and lots shapes and forms and eventually i come up a nice landscape that catch my attention,  this is practice co'z i want to enhance  my skills in painting landscape that look like a traditional feel. I hope people will like it about this image even if so simple, my goal here is to convey the feel of a painterly landscape and a loose brush stroke. Thanks for the viewing.


  1. amazing light,atmosphere...

  2. Beautiful painting.
    Love your brushwork and how you give such a sense of scale and atmosphere!

    Congrats my friend!
    By the way, I follow you on ImagineFX and DeviantArt... big fan here!

    1. thank you so much.

      As for your question. i tried to used the atmospheric perspective to feel the right sense of scale and also putting some birds will helps.