Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Fantasy Environment

Hi guys, Here's another environments i did during my free time, i hope you like it.  Thanks for viewing.

Surrender of the Ashed Sanctuary

The Story:

Back from the obligatory worship in the mountains of Sartocampo, Arthuluccio, the leader of the of the obscene Antisanti cult, was stunned by the state of their sanctuary destroyed to ashes by the knights of Salvicristi.

All his people were burned inside the edifice while they were in a big preparation for the offering of the most beautiful man of the land to the evil god Narcisterrono. This happens on the 13 th Friday of the hidden 13th month every 13 years. The ritual for the offering was unfulfilled and this means great fall on the power of their evil god.

Arthuluccio fled surrendering the sanctuary that was reduced to ashes, determined to seek revenged to the people fighting the power of the Antisanti and lay upon them the rage of evil Narcisterrono.

Another version  with dragon! =) but i like the first one.

The Abyssal Passage

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