Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Bride

Here is my new artwork for 2012 i hope this year is more productive and more creative.

My inspiration for this is image is my lovely wife, we got married last Aug. 12, 2010 and because of multiple health problems she died  on June 06, 2011 at the age of 30. It's so sad very sad... i always cried very night before i go to sleep...  but you know that is life we need to move on. Always think positive and put God first before anything else. There is always a purpose to us why we are here.

Anyway... Just sharing this piece thanks for viewing my blog  and i hope my arts inspires you.

you forever enchant me my bride
from the very first time i saw your loveliness
until the day of my last breath
my heart is yours, my body, my soul

i will always be your servant, your savior
for you no battle i shall lose
your beauty is my strength
your love is my unfailing weapon

in every triumph
your warm embrace is my price
your delicate skin gently i will touch
your lips like the softest blossom in the deepest of the forest
are mine no other can conquer

you are my everything
without you, is a world without day
without you, is warrior without a reason to fight for
you my bride is my paradise i would die for

The Process


  1. very artistic.. i love it.. keep it on..

  2. i really appreciate your work,, i feel sorry bout your wife.. but keep it on..

  3. Lovely and sad...

  4. hi guys, thank you so much for the comments.

  5. sorry about your wife brother... u work really inspires me thanks for u art!! '´m gonna follow u